1) Cut Pipe

2) Insert Unit

3) Coinstallationiconnnect Controller
The Standard Turbo and Spa systems consist of two components: an ionization and oxidation chamber, and the electrical controller box. The chamber splices into the return line to your pool from your filter. The electrical controller box plugs into a standard 100V or 220V outlet and controllers the ionization and oxidation chamber. The system, thanks to it’s simplicity, can be easily installed in 30 minutes by the pool owner or a pool professional.

The only work required in the installation of a our system is cutting a small section of PVC pipe out of the return line of the pool. After cutting the return line, two fittings need to be glued to the return line. The ionization and oxidation chamber is hand-tightened to the fittings.

The ionization and oxidation chamber in spas is installed in the water line used by the recycling pump. The controller is wired to the spa electrical service panel that is available for an ozonator. If the Accent H2O Natural System is being used to replace an ozonator, the system can be wired using the plug attached to the ozonator.


Operation of the our system is very simple. It consists of testing the water’s copper ion and pH levels weekly. If ionization is needed, the switch on the electrical controller box will need to be switched to ionization until the copper level reaches the desired level. At that point, the pool owner should switch the unit to oxidation mode.

Because of the smaller size of a spa, some spa owners may only need to ionize once per month.

Pool owners who will be away from our system for extended periods of time will benefit from the Totally Automated System. The Totally Automated System allows the necessary ionization and oxidation cycles to be programmed into the controller, so that the cycles will automatically change modes when needed. This allows the pool to be properly ionized and oxidized even when the pool owner is not present to manage the system.