Reducing the Carbon Footprint

It’s important to us that we try and do everything we can to reduce the carbon footprint. Here’s how you will help reduce the footprint when you purchase your Accent H2O Natural System.

1. Reduce
There is no more need to purchase plastic bottles for drinking water or salt bags for the water softener.
In 1976 Americans drank an average of 1.6 gallons of bottled water every year. Roughly 30 years later consumption increased to 30 gallons per person, according to the Earth Policy Institute — despite the fact that bottled water can cost anywhere from 240 to 10,000 times more than tap water, which is brought right to your home for pennies a gallon.
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2. Reuse
Using copper plates that are reused over and over with longer replacement times means you can say goodbye to harsh chemical repurchases. This is not only cost effective, but also reduces the damage these chemicals leave behind including; the disposal of their plastic containers.
” The Accent H2O Natural System has a very low operating cost – less than $1 per month.

3. Retire
It’s time to retire using so much paper and save some trees. If you would like more information regarding the Accent H2O Natural System please click the link to request more information.

” We can all agree that if you’re sending emails, you’re not using paper, right? Right. According to Conservatree, one tree makes 8,333 sheets of typical 20 lb. weight copy paper. If we assume one newsletter sent to one recipient would consume at least one sheet of paper (that’s being very conservative), one tree = 8,333 emails.

20 million emails/day divided by 8,333 = 2,400 trees saved every day! Just by sending email instead of paper-based marketing materials.
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