Spa Filtration System

The Pool & Spa Systems are easy to install with a 5 year warranty!

They cost less than $1 per day to operate. The Pool & Spa Systems give you pure healthy 100% chlorine free water to swim and relax in year round.

Our Pool & Spa systems ionizes copper into the water,  which kills bacteria (E-coli, Pseudomonas, etc.), kills algae, and oxidizes the water (freshening and sanitizing). The system eliminates chlorine, dangerous chemicals such as shock and other impurities from your water.

The system works by Ionizing with Copper Plates and Oxidizing with OH created by the electrolysis between the special scientifically blended plates which creates an active sanitation in the flow chamber. The “Flow Chamber” is installed directly into your pool or spas existing plumbing. And will run during your spa or pools normal filtration cycle.

No Chlorine. No Salt. No Hazardous Chemicals!